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Development Landing page

Your business needs a landing page so that visitors who come from contextual advertising quickly and efficiently convert into buyers. UX / UI design and content solve this problem. Design is responsible for the emotional component, and high-quality copyright - appeals to rationality and shows benefits. Emotion plus benefit equals purchase.
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Landing page is:

Necessary information
All that is necessary to know about a product or service a user can find on one page.
Catchy headlines
Copyright affects whether a visitor becomes a buyer
Call to action
Thoughtful placement of feedback forms on the user's conversion path


  • 1
    High conversion
    Landing page allows you to reduce the cost of the client, since clicks are converted into orders with a higher probability than on a multi-page site
  • 2
    The most efficient way to A / B test and quickly implement necessary changes.
  • 3
    A thoughtful customer journey
    Placement of headers, calls to action, callback buttons and checkout according to the user's path
  • 4
    Development speed
    The fastest way to make yourself known, tell about a product or service is to develop a one-page website.

Fill out the brief

We need to get to know you so that we can make a comprehensive offer specifically for your product and your purposes. The answers to the questions in the brief will help us understand the tasks that you want to solve with the landing page and find the most wonderful, optimal, innovative solutions. Fill out the brief to receive an offer. You will study it carefully and contact you

Order a landing page, collect leads, increase the client’s desire to buy your product / use the service / come to the event. The landing page will increase your market awareness, distinguish you from your competitors and become a source of even more profit.

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Development stages

What your business is doing, how your competitors are selling. What should your site be like to get high conversions. First we study, then we offer a solution
Where and in what order to place information. Which blocks to bring to the top of the table. What elements to use for the CPA Funnel (user conversion path). Call to action. These are the key prototyping points that will then lead your customer to purchase.
Unique texts are necessary not only to make a presentation of the product, but also to promote the future site in the search results
Everyone wants to make decisions in a balanced and rational way. But not everyone can. The emotional component is the most important in the decision to place an order on the site. The page design is responsible for emotion. In addition, the design should correspond to the theme of your business
Do all buttons work. Will you receive information from the client's completed form on the website? Whether the landing page is responsive in different browsers and fast loading on any type of device. A quality front-end and back-end is responsible for these important things.
We check the usability, availability of information, correct data transfer
We register UTM tags for tracking applications. If you use a CRM system, then it is better to collect leads from a landing page directly in CRM. We also solve this problem

Frequently asked questions

If I have a website, do I need a landing page?

You can use the landing page as an add-on to your main site to sell margin products, get even more traffic, and increase your order count. And also quickly tell about new products or services

How soon will the landing page pay off?

It all depends on the product, its marginality, market demand. On average, investments in the development of a landing page are returned within a month.

When is a landing page not suitable?

If we are talking about a large assortment of goods or a complex product or service, when a client makes a decision for a long time (for example, buying an apartment), then it is better to use a full-fledged website in order to give more answers to possible questions from users.