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Adjika is a restaurant of European and Caucasian cuisine
Promo site
Develop a promotional website for a restaurant to increase the flow of visitors. Optimize for Search Engine Promotion

The trips to the restaurant more and more often began to acquire a non-spontaneous nature. Now it’s very difficult to just come to a good place for dinner or a romantic date, because the tables are booked in advance.

Previously you could walk along the street and come into a restaurant that was on the way because you liked it visually and you liked the delicious smell of freshly prepared dishes which came from inside, but now you go to the Internet and choose a restaurant online.

How does the site of the restaurant in which you want to book a table there should look like? Delicious! Yes, technology has not yet reached the ability of transmitting smell through the screen, so your subconscious mind copes with this task awakening your appetite by visual content. You can even feel the taste of steak in your mouth if its photo and delicious description catches your eye.

Taking into account this human peculiarity the team of our designers worked hard to make the site in minimalistic style. Of course, they used red, because everyone knows that it arouses appetite.

Comfort and the availability of free space are important to most people. On the main page we added information about the restaurant area, the number of seats and added a photo of the institution

Gourmet dishes and quality service in the spirit of the national culture of the Caucasus

But even the most gorgeous site with thoughtful navigation will not bring results if you do not optimize it for search promotion. Without advertising you are not in the top. We immediately took into account all the factors of internal optimization so that then the seo-specialist does not have a headache. We configured a redirect, deleted duplicates, checked the validity of the code, optimized images, closed technical pages from indexing.