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Service center for repairing phones, laptops, computers of any complexity with a guarantee.
Develop a site for a service center, think over CJM, conduct internal optimization so that the site is ready for promotion in search immediately after being transferred to the hosting.

We held a briefing with the client, after that based on the wishes of our customer we developed a navigation-friendly landing structure.
We proposed a creative solution – a video banner as the first screen, so that the visitor from the first seconds understands what the company is doing.

We thought over the points of contact with the site, provided for a pop-up window, so when you try to close it a new pop-up window is opened with a proposal to leave contacts. In such a simple way it is possible to increase the number of applications by 45%.

In the second block, we showed the most key triggers that people mainly pay attention to when choosing a service center to solve their problem with equipment: the number of spare parts, customers, service guarantees and repair periods.

As for the visual design – we paid attention to free space so that nothing distracted the user from the main thing – the information that he went to the landing page for.

Repair equipment of any complexity

The customer was very pleased with the order, because the number of customers after launching the landing page has grown significantly. Therefore, the client decided to order from us an additional development of a full-fledged multi-page website to improve his position in the market.