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Fruit pulp

Manufacturer of pulp for fruit drinks
Promo site
Design a bright website with catchy headers, memorable, optimized for promotion in search engines

Fresh – juices, smoothies, fruit shakes – this is health for the whole family. These are natural ingredients, no sweeteners or preservatives – only beneficial ingredients. To emphasize this basic idea, a family photo was chosen as a banner for the first screen, and a color palette in natural green-orange tones

After examining the queries in search engines on this topic we concluded that most of potential consumers are interested in how the manufacturer manages to preserve the beneficial properties of fruits and the vitamin composition during processing. To dispel all doubts a block with production stages was provided.

The customer also noticed that his customers are often interested in how to make a drink using Latifresh products. And our promotional site answers this question: we made a page with recipes for preparing different drinks, both cold and hot

Taste the tropics

As a result we got a very colorful promotional site with all the necessary information which is able to dispel all doubts before buying and provide additional useful information on the options for using the product.