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Retail Beauty Industry

Uk Health & Beauty is a saler of global brands cosmetics
Corporate site
Develop an online store for selling cosmetic brands in the UK market

To create a website is to build relationships. Arouse emotion and convince. Therefore, it is good when several people work on the project – each specialist in his field who can offer his own idea and the quintessence of ideas gives the best result.
A team of 6 people worked on this site: marketer, art director, designer, layout designer, programmer and tester under the guidance of a project manager who coordinated and directed the actions of the entire team.

Website development begins with marketing. It is the marketer who answers the questions “what are we selling and for whom” determines how we sell and sets the direction for the entire development team.
Since the main target audience is girls, we decided to design in pleasant pink colors. We chosed a light shade of pink – measured and calm like life in England.

Take care of yourself with UK Health & Beauty

Opencart was chosen as the CMS. It’s easy for the customer to fill the store on their own and make changes as they wish.
The result was a user-friendly online store with the option of online payment. We realized the opportunity to make a choice not only by goods, their categories, but also by brand. In each product card – description, properties, reviews. That is only the necessary information to make your choice and make a purchase.
Implemented multilingualism: English, German, French, Italian. We transferred the site to the https protocol and optimized for different devices.