Ukraine, Kyiv
Simyi Sosninykh, 3

Hip-hop artist

Yarmak is a Ukrainian hip-hop performer and creator of the Y-Force clothing brand
Promo site
Develop a site for a young Ukrainian artist, realize the ability to listen to albums from the site, make a purchase of tickets for concerts. Also sell products of the artist’s clothing brand through the website

Yarmak is not just a hip-hop artist, he is also a brilliant extraordinary personality. Of course, the site should convey his extraordinary view of life

We approached the task with all our creativity. Gathered a team, discussed ideas, created several prototypes: both in structure and color. We showed the focus to the group and selected elements in each prototype that caused the best response. As a result, we choosed a red-black color scheme with white additions. Even the scroll bar was performed creatively – in red colors, which corresponds to the concept of the entire site. Further, this prototype was already presented to the customer.

Yarmak is a Ukrainian performer who uses rhyme against social injustice.

What is the result? Rich awesome design with creative examples:- albums on the main page with the transition to the YouTube channel;
– information about the personal clothing brand Y-Force;
– concert poster;
– information for cooperation

Implemented listening to music
The internal page of a personal clothing brand is designed as an online store: you can add goods to the basket and place an order on the website.The “Concerts” internal page works on the same principle – you can buy a ticket with the click of a button. We attracted a SEO specialist to check meta tags and match content to the semantics of search queries. Carried out the necessary internal optimization. At the final stage of development we tested the site’s usability, its compliance with layout parameters, cross-browser compatibility, and download speed. Since the site is implemented on a convenient CMS WordPress, the customer is engaged in further filling independently.